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We teach the art of building timber-framed structures utilizing the square rule method while integrating a combination of traditional and modern tools.

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We invite you to join us April 26-28, 2024 for an introduction to timber framing that's more exciting than a lumberjack riding a unicycle! Our experienced and talented volunteer instructors will be your guides as you learn the fundamentals of timber framing using the square rule method.

You'll be mastering techniques refined by our revolutionary barn leader, George Senerchia. With more decades dedicated to dismantling and restoring old barns than your grandma has secret cookie recipes, George's wisdom infuses our methods with unparalleled depth.

This class is tailor-made for individuals with woodworking experience ranging from "I've built a birdhouse" to "I once fixed a chair with duct tape." Whether you're a newbie or a pro-builder, this class promises not to leave anyone behind and offers both an informative and rewarding experience.

So, mark your calendars, bring your sense of humor, and let's build a timber framing experience that'll have you nailed to the edge of your seat!