It is with great sadness that we face the loss of our dear friend George Senerchia, founder of Northford Timber Framers and inspiration to all his Friends and Students.  Northford Timber Framers will continue.  The Class of 2024 will be very special in that it will start the next chapter in the legacy of the Northford Timber Framers.  


There is a lot to work to do to make this vision a success.  To those who wish to sign up for class, please be patient while we refine some details, check the website from time to time and keep in touch.  For those who are already part of the family, rest assured that NTF lives on as we honor George’s memory.


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Welcome to the Northford Timber Framers class.  Like many of our former students, once you complete our 3 day course, you will have the design concepts, skills, and knowledge to complete your own timber frame structure.  Whether you want to build a small shed or a 3 story home, it's all possible with timber framing.  


Building a wooden sculpture with no nails or iron has run fairly unchanged through the centuries.  We have deconstructed these giant puzzles and were ready to pass on the time old tradition of timber framing!


Things we go over in this workshop are simple, straight to the point concepts.  Each year we have a class sponsor who provide all of the beams and chooses a plan to be used.  This plan will be your introduction to square rule timber framing and will be your class project!  You will learn how the detailed plan was created and how everything fits together. 


The next class  of 2024 is TBD at this time, please check back for the next class date. 


Tuition is $365.00 and includes:


Day 1 - (Coffee and Lunch will be provided)

We start out with a day of classroom instruction where we brief on:

- history

- how to layout your structure

- structural integrity

- brace, rafter, tie beam and joist details

- let in's

- rules for square rule timber framing


Day 2- (Coffee and Lunch will be provided)

We move to the workspace and begin cutting mortise and tenons on beams as well as peg holes and let ins. 


Day 3- (Coffee and lunch will be provided)

We gather in George's workshop and answer questions, comments, concerns, and finally go on a tour of barns to help solidify the large amounts of information you have gathered on timber framing! 


_  Once you have completed the 3 day course, you will automatically receive the invitation to come back for the barn raising the following September!  The culminating event on your timber framing journey!


We look forward to hearing from you:  If you are interested in enrolling in our timber framing class, please send us an e-mail right from this website.  Just click the contact us link above! 


Tax free donations can be made to:

po box 369 Northford Ct



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